Report of visit Florus Geraedts with Elias Kanchon and Tofael Ahmed to Singer Dabrihat School in Rajarhat Upazela, district of Kurigram, 28 December 2013
December 28, 2013, 5:30 pm
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On 28 December 2013 Elias Kanchon of Friends of Archives Bangladesh (FAB) and Bangladesh Archives and Records Management Society (BARMS), Tofael Ahmed former student of this highschool and College and Florus  Geraedts, members of BAMRS and FAB visited this school and asked about the archives on history of the school and proper governance of the school, teaching process and students career. Primary school was established in 1924. Highschool was established in 1962. Eldest documents (several file – covers filled up with documents dating back to 1966 – 1974, mainly about the certification by the Rajshahi Educational Board for new classes and new courses, subjects) were shown relatively well preserved. Principal and staffs, assistants of laboratory and teachers were acquainted with these records. Some records were even repaired. Not for exhibition so purely because of the importance of the archives themselves. Md Ayub Ali Khandokhar, Manik Chandra Roy, Abdur Matin guardian, Md Abdul Zabbar, record keeper were present at the meeting.