1st International Archives Day (IAD) in Kishoreganj, 9 June 2016
June 12, 2016, 11:36 am
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For the first time in history International Archives Day (IAD) was celebrated in a local area in Bangladesh, this was Kishoreganj, 9 June 2016. It was organized by Elis Kanchon from BARTICK & Amin Sadi. Twenty-five participants were meeting in front of District Commissioners office & were standing with banner on the road for 30 min (see pictures). After that the participants moved to the office of Kishoreganj History & Archaeology Auditorium. Programme started 14:30pm to end with Iftar at 17:00pm. In the meeting of IADB the importance of archives & records & their preservation was discussed. Specifically it was about:
1. What are Archives?
2. What are the sources of Archives?
3. What are archival materials?
4. What is the different between Archives & Archeology?
5. What is the actual condition of Bangladesh Archives on national and international level?
6. What are interesting interesting example from Kishoregonj & Bogra?
7. What is the importance of archives and records in your personal life?
8. What is the importance of archives & records for national life & planning (hospitals, schools, union digital centers)?
9. “Better Data – Better Life” campaign.
Some of the participants:
1. Information officer, Abu Zaffor, Joyshiddi Union Parishod Ex-chairman Md. Gaishuddin,
2. Kishoregonj History & Heritage Preservation Parishad Vice-President Journalist Nazrul Islam Khairul
3. Journalist Abul Kashem, Shatabdir Konto
4. Poet Md Asraf Ali, Shatabdir Konto
5. Better road Kishoregonj Assistant Secretary journalist Shofiq,
6. Information Workers, Md. Ibrahim Sagor, Md. Fazlul Haque and especially Dr. Hira Mia,
7. Students, Md. Masum Billah, Tazin, Numan Sabid, Mostufa Kamal.
The meeting was recorded and will be published “Shatabdir Khonto” journal on 10 June 2016 .




In search of documents about the Portuguese in Bengal. Visit to Portuguese National Archives, Lisbon, by Florus & Sigfried, 9 May 2016
June 8, 2016, 10:26 pm
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On 9 May Florus and Sigfried visited National Archives of Portugal (Torre de Tombo), Lisbon. We did a preliminary research in collections about Portuguese colonial government in India: “Governo do Estado da Índia”. Our conclusion after this first introduction is that documents are available to contribute to our knowledge about European colonial rule in India / Bengal. Of special interest are:

1.     Administração Ultramarina (Overseas government)
–       Junta da Real Fazenda do Estado da Índia (period 1580 – 1828; inventory)
–       Livros das Monções (1605 – 1699; catalogue)
2.     Documentos em Bengali (Documents in Bengal language)
3.     Jesuítas na Asia (Jesuits in Asia)
4.     Cartographia (maps)
5.     Corpo chronologico século 16 – 17
(Chronological documents 16th – 17th century)
6.     Archivo Historico Ultramarino (Overseas historical archive)

My suggestion is to start doing some introductory research of your own on: = simple research
or = advanced research
with specific keywords
Some documents are digitized, so you can research them from your own computer / laptop. For example Livros das Monções  (books of the monsoons = books of the seasons) are digitized and you can research and read when doing:
Step 1. (base de dados digitarq)
Step 2. (
Livros das Monções)

If you have specific questions related to your research you can write to .Also contact Sigfried by

International Archives Day in Bangladesh, 9 June 2016
June 6, 2016, 9:41 pm
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As you know 9 June 2016 is the International Archives Day. The theme of this year is Archives, Harmony and Friendship.

BARMS is jointly organizing the Day with the National Archives THROUGH a Round Table Discussion. You are cordially invited to attend the Round Table Discussion.

Members of Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB), Team for Energy and Environmental Research (TEER), Bondhushova Prothom Alo  and others, like Bangladesh Legal Aid & Services Trust (BLAST) should participate in this important meeting.


Suggestions for International Archives Day Bangladesh, 9 June 2016
June 2, 2016, 10:38 pm
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The theme of the International Archives Day is “Archives, Harmony and Friendship”, see

For Bangladesh Archives Movement you may think of this:

Use of Archives will be helpful in creating political life where citizens have access to government information, in local government, in educational life, in healthcare. That will help create more openness of information; that makes people and rulers of Bangladesh more willing to respect politics, government agencies and ……. each others! This will contribute to more harmony and friendship in public life. Which is a key factor in democracy. Real reliable land registry will contribute to peace among family members, because many families now are all the time torn apart because of CONFLICT about land rights and disputes about hereditary positions.

More interest in archives, Good Governance and Democracy – think of growing concern about Right To Information and Right To Know – will result in empowering local democracy, peaceful political life. Here we can also expect more peace and harmony from publishing history BASED ON ARCHIVES related information.

IADB 9 June 2016

– Right To Information & Archives is Right To Know!
– Better Data Better Life!
– Know your Archives / Know your History / Know your Region / Know your Country!
– Know your Archives / Know your zela, upazela, union parishad!

– National Archives Bangladesh: receive MORE VISITORS / RESEARCHERS; invite pupils and students; restore exhibitions in Divisions; open the 16 District Collectorate Record Rooms.

– Open Day in National Archives Bangladesh in Agargaon.
– Open Day on Archives in Sardah Bangladesh Police Academy in Rajshahi;
– Open Day in Heritage Archives Bangladesh History in Rajshahi, Kazla Gate;
– Local Archives Movement in Kishoreganj, Shatabdir Konto;
– Local Archives Movement in Birampur / Dinajpur;
– Local Archives Movement in Bogra / Shibganj.

To be discussed with BarmS, FAB, Bondhu Shova, BARTICK, Lutful Haque, Fazle Mir, Elias Kanchon, Hasan Mahmud, Prof Mahbubur in Kazla Gate Rajshahi, Jayanti Rani Basak, Archives teacher in RU ISLM department; Dr Mezbah, Archives teacher in DU, ISLM department.