Renewed link to Heritage Archives Bangladesh
August 30, 2015, 9:44 am
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The link from our blog to Heritage Archives Bangladesh,has been updated,you can find this link on the sidebar of this blog. Heritage Archives Bangladesh was established on 23 March 2002 in Rajshahi (300 KM west of Dhaka) and is an independent professional depository of important documents, photographs, leaflets, posters, private correspondences, journals and periodicals, magazines, local history books, and audiovisual and digital items with focus on:

1. Social movements (pro-democracy, labour, students, peasant, women, environmental, Islamic, nationalist, human right(s), and
2. Social transformation (emergence of NGO’s urban growth, new entrepreneurial groups, labour migration, popular culture).

“The collective memory of Bangladesh and its 160 million inhabitants is severely threatened because there are no places where we can deposit our historical material. There are only a few archives in Bangladesh and they collect state records. So, for collecting and preserving such materials which neither the state archives, nor the existing libraries of Bangladesh collect and preserve, ‘Heritage: Archives of Bangladesh History’ has been established.” So you can read on its homepage. Heritage Archives aims at creating a new type of open, service-oriented and user-friendly archives in Bangladesh.

Many volunteers are connected with Heritage Archives and work daily to catalogue and preserve this important collection and to receive guests who are doing research.

Volunteers of Heritage Archives Bangladesh

Volunteers of Heritage Archives Bangladesh

Community dialogue on human rights, archives management and family education at Shalonka, Pakundia Upazila
August 19, 2015, 9:12 pm
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On 18 August from 09.00 – 12.00 AM a community seminar on Right to Information, Human Rights, Woman’s Rights, Archives & Records Management (ARM) and Family Education (especially child care and the importance of family planning & education) was held in Md. Dulal Mia’s house, Shalonka Bazar in the village of Shalonka, Pakundia Upazila, Kishoreganj District. Seminar was organized by Elias Kanchon, local government and local partner Area Business Community. Participants were 35 women of which half was uneducated. For this seminar trainers used Educational Theater, developped by the Ministry of Health & Family Planning Ministry, and Meena & Raju Cartoons. 

Subjects discussed after the seminar were:

  1. The importance of keeping and preserving documents for family planning, children’s memory, etc.
  2. Need of education for women and children to improve and maintain the family (family planning)
  3. Human Rights (especifically woman’s rights) & use of Right to Information (RTI) Act 2009