Florus Geraedts, Md. Lutful Haq and others on the implementation of the RTI law (The Daily Star Bangladesh online January 18, 2010)
January 18, 2010, 5:24 pm
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The largest circulating English daily newspaper in Bangladesh, The Daily Star, tells us about a Speakers tell discussion in Rajshahi about the importance of a good record keeping system for implementing the RTI law: “Record keeping system vital for implementing RTI law”. Florus Geraedts, historian and archivist of the Netherlands, Muhammad Lutful Haque, general secretary of Campaign for RTI, Prof. Moshiur Rahman and Dr. M Anisur Rahman of Rajshahi University, Sayeed Ahmed Kabir, Sarwar-e Kamal and Mustafijur Rahman Khan Alam spoke about the impediments for implementing the RTI law. See for the whole artikel the link The Daily Star!


Norsk Arkivråd (NAR) and the Koninklijke Vereniging van Archivarissen (KVAN) working together for training of trainers programme (TOT) in Bangladesh
January 10, 2010, 6:28 pm
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January 5, 2010, delegations of NAR (Hilde Lange and Torill Torlen) and KVAN (Fred van Kan, Peter Horsman, René Spork, Thijs Laeven and Roelof Braad) met in Amsterdam to discuss the proposal of mr. Lutful Haq and mr. Elias of BARM – Bangladesh for a Train the Trainers Project (TOT) 24 – 28 February 2010. Both archival organizations in Norway and the Netherlands have the intention to subsidize the TOT project in Bangladesh. Along this, NAR is thinking of sending a representative from their organization to Bangladesh in February. Next, the two organizations discussed the long-term development of an e-learning programme for the train the trainers project in Bangladesh with the help and support of the International Council on Archives (ICA). An e-learning environment doesn’t replace the training “in the field” but offers useful materials (reports, texts, comments) for the trainers and the students as supplement. Open source software (free) is available for this e-exchange programme, f.e. ‘moodle.’ NAR and KVAN are waiting for reaction on their proposals from mr. Lutful Haq and mr. Elias.

Impression of the meeting of NAR and KVAN (f.l.t.r.: Hilde Lange, Torill Torlen, Fred van Kan, Thijs Laeven, René Spork and Peter Horsman)

Working Programme Mr. Florus Geraedts on his 16th visit to Bangladesh (January – March 2010).
January 3, 2010, 8:49 pm
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January 3 – 13: West Bengal India
• Shyamnagar (dr Ratan Lal Chakraborty) Bathpara;
• Calcutta West Bengal State Archives;
• CSSS of mr Abhijit Battacharya and the History Deptt of Calcutta University;
• Santiniketan: to see the digitizing process of the section Archives in Rabindra Bhabane with archivists Tushar and Utpol and Public relations Officer Nilanjan Bannerjee;
• Vishva Bharati (Tagore University) History Deptt, Prof Jeyaseela Stephen, member of the Archival Council of India;
• Dr Ratan lal Chakabroty to evaluate the BARM activities and see the progress in Bhatpara Municipality on digitizing of the records as well as implementation of the RTI act;
• Tagore Museum and Archives, Digitizing Deptt Utpol and Tushar.

January 13 – February 28: Bangladesh
• January 13 – 14: Dhaka. Meeting with Mahtab and Shilpa and National Archives in Agargaon, where I hope to meet the new Director of NAB (successor of mr Latifur Rahman); as well as Mrs Salma, mr Ali Akbar, mr Elias Miah and hopefully also mr Mir.
• January 14 – 17: Rajshahi – Dinjapur Library manuscripts, Rec Room Town and Zila
• January 18 – 21: Municipalities of Birampur and Fulbari on their Record keeping activities
• January 21-23: Dhaka. Shawon and Shampa; Shipon and Dipa
• January 22 – 25: Dhaka. ARM TOT Course (= Archives & Records Management Training Of Trainers Course)
• January 26 – 30: Sylhet SUST North East Medical College & Hospital Meher Ali, Nazrul, Burhan, Kawsar Ahmed, Shishir; visit to town and district Rec Rooms Srimangal and the BTB BRTI-archives
• January 31 – Febraury 16: Dhaka. ARM TOT Course, evaluation SWOT analysis, NAB; Meeting BARM Society; Meeting Dutch Ambassador (Lutful); Meeting CIC (Lutful); Narayanganj, Record Room, Narsingdhi, Record Room (Elias). Mokeram Khondaker and Rokhsana
• February 17-19: Dhaka. Internat seminar Dhaka 400 Jubilee (16 – 20 febr. Lennart Bes, VOC – archives, NAN, Netherlands). Evening Shipon, Dipa, Zadid, Touhin, Milon, Siddiq.
• February 19 – 23: Khulna University ICT dept Classes and Hospital Digital Patient Files, Dr Mujib & Mrs Muslima, Apu.
• February 24 – 25. Bhobanipur – Ioara
• February 26 – 28:Dhaka. Mahtab and Shilpa. Mir and Sharifa, Shuvo, Shishir, Shoshi and Mo.

March 1 – 6 Delhi, India
On 1 March 2010 leaving Bangladesh for heading to Delhi, visiting Mrs Dr Meena Gautam, deputy director of the National Archives of India (= NAI) and particularly in charge of the School for Archival Studies (=SAS). Discuss cooperation on archival development in South Asian countries, particularly Bangladesh. SWARBICA cooperation. Visiting Prof. Dr Om Prakash on the subject cooperation for accessioning of Dutch VOC archival sources for Historiography in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and India. Visiting the History deptt of Delhi University. Discussing the subject of RTI implementation and Archives & Record Keeping.