Short report of Elias Kanchon’s visit of “Kalia Chapra Sugar Mills High School”, 3 December 2014
December 8, 2014, 11:11 pm
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On 3 December Elias Kanchon (Bangladesh Archives & Right to Information Community Kishoreganj / Friends of Archives Bangladesh) visited Kalia Chapra Sugar Mills High School “K.C.S.M.” and talked with staff and head teacher about history of K.C.S.M., records of the school and its record-keeping system. He discovered a lot of work still has to be done for better archival awareness among staff and head-teacher. There were no documents from 1975, no registration of students, teachers incomes and any other registers, no record room, no computer room and no library. Elias talked about the need of archives and record-keeping system and suggested to do an archival training. He’s much welcome to give training, which actually will take place on 15 December. Staff and head teacher were very interested in the training. Also students will participate in the training which is very important for archival awareness start with schoolkids and students!


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Training on Archives & RTI, Pulerghat (Pakundia), 1 December 2014
December 1, 2014, 10:11 pm
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A one-day training on Archives & RTI was given by Elias Kanchon on 1 December in Pulerghat Pakundia at the Hazera Khatun Model Academia. Topics of the training were: What are archives? Why do we need them? How to manage archives and records? How to apply Right to Information Act? Students, Guardians and Educational persons (teachers and parents) were participating in the training. Also students of the Kishoreganj Gurudayal College were present.

Elias informed the trainees about the importance of records, using the example of the construction of the Banghabandhu Bridge (Jamuna Bridge). Has Koning Consultancy, a huge architect’s and construction office in The Netherlands (Nijmegen), has played a significant role in the construction of the bridge, completed in 1998. Of this construction 24.000 documents are now preserved in Netherlands Archives

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