Resolutions adopted at the meeting of the Executive of BARMS, Saturday 29th October 2016
November 12, 2016, 11:35 pm
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Minutes of the meeting of Executive Committee   held on Saturday 29th October 2016.

A Meeting of the Executive Committee of BARMS   was held on  Saturday  29 October 2016 at 3pm  under the chairmanship of Professor Dr. Sharif uddin Ahmed , President of BARMS  at the Conference Room of the Department of Information Science and Library Management of Dhaka University. The following members were present

  1. Mr Jalal Ahmed, GS
  2. Md. Lutful Huq, Member
  3. Mir Fazle Ahmed Chowdhury
  4. Dr. Mezbah –ul- Islam, O.S.
  5. Akbar Ali Khan, CJS
  6. Shaikh Mamoon Mustafa
  7. Millat Hussain
  8. Swapan Kumar Biswas
  9. Rokon Uddoula

At the outset the Chairman of the meeting Professor Sharif welcomed the members and exchanged greetings. He then requested the General Secretary to conduct the meeting in accordance with the agenda. Mr. Jalal Ahmed the General Secretary welcomed the members and requested them to go through the minutes of the last meeting held on 30 April, 2016 and see whether these have been recorded correctly or not. The members present remarked that the minutes have been recorded correctly and so these can be confirmed. Therefore the minutes were confirmed.

Under Agenda 2 Mr. Lutful Huq  reported to the Council about his participation of the ICA Conference in SEOUL  and  remarked that the archival world even in Asia has made tremendous progress and Bangladesh has many things to catch up. He said that he had presented a paper which was well received. The members present congratulated him on his successful participation of the ICA Conference. Mr. Huq also said that he had   discussion with ICA President about BARMS Institute of Archival Studies at Dhaka and the President assured some assistance.

Under agenda 3 detailed discussions were held on launching of a Diploma Course in Archival Studies at Dhaka University.  Members present   observed that it is high time that Bangladesh should have an Archival Institute and it could be under Dhaka University.

Under agenda 4 the pending Workshop on Records Management and Records Keeping at Barisal was again discussed in detail and members suggested that it could be held barring any hindrance at the end of December 2016.

Under agenda 5 President observed that as BARMS has successfully made an effort to provide budgets for renovation and development of Record Rooms it is pertinent that the matter be taken up with the Cabinet Secretary to see whether the money is properly utilized by the district authorities. In this context a letter   may be written to the Cabinet Secretary regarding the renovation and development of District Record Rooms. The members who were  present made similar observations.

Under agenda 6 discussion was held about visiting different record rooms to observe their existing state. It was agreed that the members may visit Dhaka District Record Room at their convenient time.

Under agenda 7 the President observed that as a follow up of his letter to the honorable Cultural Secretary the Cultural Ministry has agreed to look into the matter of preserving some historical Record Rooms of the country as Heritage Monument. Mymensingh Record Room being one of those selected for preservation . He therefore suggested that a delegate of BARMS should visit the Record Room.

Under agenda 8 the President observed that as BARMS closely work with the Cultural Ministry, Cabinet Division and the Directorate of Archives and Libraries a courtesy call should be paid by the delegates of BARMS to Honorable Cultural Secretary, Cabinet Secretary, Director of National Archives at a convenient time to discuss the current state of records preservation and the overall archival development of the Country. Members present agreed.

Under agenda 9 it was observed that a special brochure should be published on the occasion of the Biennial Meeting and that members should contribute articles in the souvenir.

Under agenda 10 President observed that BARMS has very little fund and some efforts should be made to raise some funds otherwise it would be difficult to run the Society. Members agreed and suggested that ads may be collected to meet the expenses for the biennial meeting.

After detailed discussion the following resolutions were adopted :

  1. The minutes of the meeting of the Executive Committee of BARMS held on 30 April 2016 were confirmed.
  2. A Proposal for introducing a Diploma Course in Archival Studies to be submitted to the Vice Chancellor of Dhaka University and to the Director of the National Archives. Mr. Mamoon Mustafa, EC Member will prepare a draft of the proposal along with all annexes and submit it to the President , BARMS within a week  for finalization. As per Mr. Lutful Huq, the ICA / FIDA might come up with financial aid for implementing the diploma course for which an application has to be made to  ICA/FIDA after the proposal  has been submitted to the DU / BNA authorities or accepted by them. However, BARMS Bangladesh must become a member of ICA for availing such financial assistance from FIDA.
  3. A draft of the Diploma Course of the Archival Studies was presented through power point by Prof. Mezbah and Mr. Mamoon and members present observed various things and suggested that the syllabus and allocation of credit points etc. have to be revised. Dr Mezbah and Mr. Mamoon should submit a well -developed revised course proposal within a week.
  4. The pending two -day workshop on Records Management and Records Keeping in Barisal will be held on 30 and 31 December 2016. The Additional Sectary, Cabinet Division Mr. Patwari may be contacted to inform the Barisal DC and other officials to help the BARMS authority in organizing the workshop. The local stakeholders will also be informed to participate and help organizing the workshop. The local patrons may also be requested to help organizing the event. The history teachers and library people of Barisal will be involved and the Joint Secretary BARMS, Barisal  will be the local contact of BARMS. All participants from Dhaka will have to pay for their travel and accommodation.  LGRD Rest House and Barisal Circuit House may be used for staying overnight.  BARMS   is likely to meet all the expenses for the Workshop.
  5. A letter to be written to the Cabinet Division enquiring about the expenditure for the renovation and development of Record Rooms throughout Bangladesh as allocated in the national budget during the fiscal year of 2015-16. Mr. Ali Akbar, the Central Joint Secretary will finalize the letter as drafted by the General Secretary , Mr. Jalal Ahmed.In this connection a delegation of BARMS will pay a visit to the Dhaka District Record Room at an opportune moment.
  6. Following a letter from the President of BARMS to the honorable Secretary , Ministry of Cultural Affairs, the Ministry has in principle accepted the proposal of preserving some of the magnificent  District  Record Rooms of hundred years old as Historical Monuments and accordingly entrusted the matter to the care of the Department of  Archaeology who in turn has informed the District Commissioners to take necessary measures. As a result the President has received a call from the District officials of Mymensingh as what next steps to be taken in the matter. President proposed that BARMS officials should pay a visit to Mymensingh along with some government officials and it was resolved that the visit should be immediately made.
  7. It was resolved that a courtesy call should be immediately made by a delegation of BARMS to the honorable Cabinet Secretary, Cultural Secretary and Director of National Archives to convey to them the activities of BARMS and what need to be done to establish a proper record keeping and record management culture in the Public Sector as well as the urgent need of an Archival Law which is being discussed now for decades. The dates and times should be fixed as early as possible.
  8. The Annual General meeting of BARMS will be held in February 2017 and necessary preparations should be made immediately. A special publication should be made in this connection on Archives Management in Bangladesh. The task of the publication will be entrusted to a befitting person by the President and the General Secretary and to bear the cost of the AGM and the publication, commercial advertisement should be sought and published in the brochure. Mr.  Ali Akbar will provide the advertisement materials immediately to the members of the EC and others who will be looking for prospective clients.
  9. A special seminar will be held on Archives development in Bangladesh in  Jan/ Feb 2017 to facilitate and help the field  works of Mr. G. Florus and Mr.J. Siegfried ( the Dutch  EC members of BARMS) in  Bangladesh,  during their incoming visit to the country. Mr. Lutful Huq is entrusted to write a letter to them informing BARMS initiative in organizing this seminar in Dhaka for them and requesting them to providing the cost of holding the seminar.
  10. A number of eminent philanthropists and industrialists should be made honorary members of BARMS and get them involved in the noble activities of BARMS. A list of such cultural and educational – minded philanthropists and eminent persons will be provided by Mr. Rokon Ud Doula and Dr. Mezbah , and President of BARMS will write to them inviting them to become honorary members of BARMS.
  11. BARMS has very little funds and all efforts should be made to raise funds for the Society.
  12. A temporary part –time Office Assistant to be recruited for the period from now to the holding of the AGM to help organizing the AGM and the publication of the brochure and other works  at a monthly salary of taka 3000/- . President would take necessary steps in consultation with the General Secretary in this matter.
  13. AOB – The meeting appreciated the works of Mr. Elias , Associate Member of BARMS from Kishoreganj, who was present in the meeting  for his and his colleagues’ wonderful job of popularizing the concept of Archives in a remote rural place of Bangladesh like Kishoreganj by holding workshop, seminar and even observing the International Archives Day. EC BARMS lauded the efforts and agreed to extend  all help in future  and resolved that  a delegation of BARMS will soon visit Kishorganj to see the progress of archival movement  in the area.
  14. There being no other business the meeting ended with a vote of thanks to and from the Chair.

President, BARMS

1 November, 2016.

Professor Dr. Sharif uddin Ahmed                                Mr. Jalal Ahmed

President                                                                     General Secretary

BARMS                                                                     BARMS