Report 1 of Florus Geraedts 21st Visit to Bangladesh, 24 December 2014 – 2 January 2015, accompanied by Elias Kanchon, textile engineer / BARTIC
January 3, 2015, 7:58 pm
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24 – 26 December

Florus and Elias in Dhaka Haj Camp Ashkona. Discussions with Shitol Kumar Das and Rasel, two engineer / architects about RAJUK, its failure controlling effectively the building safety and general safety of constructions. As was showed by the Rana Plaza Bhaban Collapse 24 April 2013. Connection with RAJUK’s lacking Archives & Records Management.  Discussion with Azizul Hakim Suzan, Noakhali University for ICT and TeleCommunication on the relationship between telecommnication and Archives & Records Management.

27 – 28 December

Florus and Elias in Bonpara, Baraigram, visit with Leo Corraya and Rich Costa  to Upazela Baraigram Office in Bonpara and
discussed with UNO Md Abu Alam the archives and records keeping both hard copy and digital documents. Computer operator Shahidul Abadin took experience as UISC in Ioara Union Parishad and in before Pharmaceutical Company job experience. The relevance of Digital knowledge and skills on producing AND management of documents / archives. Discussion with Parimal and Anando, Jacob Corraya’s brother, about the clerical (Roman Catholic) system of baptism registration. Similarities with the GOVT Birth registration.

28 December –  2 January

Rajshahi, Elias and Florus visit in Kazla Gate Heritage Archives Bangladesh History, explanation by Minhaj, Liton, Mizan, Ariful and prof dr Mahabub. Further progress with developing this institute since 1999 was oserved by Florus and Elias. New
acquisitions of archives are made and specially personal archives of professors of several universities were given to the HABH for preservation and further accessioning to serve the reseachers. Discussion with RCC Mayor and RCC staffs, also Curator of Rajshahi City Museum  and District Magistrate about Boro Kuthi rehabilitation  program.  Letter to Ministry of Culture by Mahbub Siddiqui, president of Heritage Rajshahi Society to request Minister to bring Boro Kuthi as First class Historical and Archaeological monument and site under the Archaeological Department. Visit to Sardah Bdesh Police Academy and considering the work done by Add. SP Selim Jahangir, Jannat Hassan and Khaza Khaled Lezar and Sumon on
building up of Archives & Records Management in Sardah BPA. Lezar already initiated Central Archives Repository BPA, opened by BPA Principal Naim Ahmed 9 june International Archives Day. Lezar and Sumon developed Digital Archives Management Software. In BPA 5 meetings with Principal, SP’s, Clerical staffs on record keeping and on development of Dgital Archives Management sofware. Also SEE the attachment!  Visit to Sardah Degree College discussing their archives, created since establishment of this College in 1972, 8 almiras, about 30 m’ size.

Elias Kanchon & Florus Geraedts at Sardah Bangladesh Police Academy (BPA)

Elias Kanchon & Florus Geraedts at Sardah Bangladesh Police Academy (BPA)

Florus & Elias with staff BPA

Florus & Elias with staff BPA

... in a practical meeting

… in a practical meeting

At the entrance of BPA

At the entrance of BPA Archives


Programme Bangladesh ARM visit of Florus Geraedts (21st visit) & Sigfried Janzing (5th visit), December – January – February
January 2, 2015, 8:06 pm
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Local Archives, Right To Information (RTI) Network Groups building and strenthening. Visits to Bogra, Birampur, Dinajpur, Kishoreganj, Pakundia, Jamalpur, Rajarhat, Kurigram, Nilphamari, Rajshahi, Natore, Gazipur, Chowrasta, Khulna, Parchuram Feni, Comilla. Local Government archives management & RTI; Schools and colleges; hospitals & Health Care centers.

Itinerary 21st Barm Visit 23 dec 2014 – 27 febr. 2015 Florus part 1

  • 24 December 2014: 16.55 PM arrival Dhaka International Airport, Shitol collects Florus. Florus wil stay in Shitol’s place nearby Airport during night of 24 and 25 December.
  • 25 – 28 December 2014: Leo Corraya collects me 25 December and Leo and I go together to Bhobanipur, UP Ioara, Upazela Baraigram, District Natore. Or: I visit Yasin and Tania.
  • 29 – 31 December 2014 & 1 – 2 January 2015: Rajshahi, visit professor Mahabub in Kazla Gate see his Heritage Archives (HABH) and University Rajshahi, History Department and Information Science & Library Management Department. Visit Sardah B’desh Police Academy (SBPA), its Archives Installing Project, Principal Nayeem Ahmed, mr Lezar, SP Selim.
  • 3 – 6 January: Birampur meeting with Nurul, Alamgir Prothom Alo, UP Birampur, College, Rony, Dipto; Dinajpur UP, Zia Heart Hospital Minnatullah.
  • 7 – 9 January: Rangpur Public Administration and Sociology Departments of Begun Rokeja University Rangpur (BRUR).
  • 10 – 13 January: Rajarhat / Kurigram, Tofael, Elias Kanchon Mir Ismael Hossain Degree College and UP’s archives.
  • 13 – 17 January: Bogra, Sobus, Ghalid, TEER, Shitol, Tusar Kaipara, Sathi, Topu.
  • 17 – 20 January: Jamalpur, Nayeem, Moushumi, Fulon; Meher Ali, Masuma, Ataur.
  • 20 – 22 January: Monkanda, Sandikona Titu Hoq
  • 22 – 24 January: Dhaka National Aarchives Bangladesh (NAB), Uttara, International University of Business, Agriculture & Techonology (IUBAT), Shawon Shampa in Chewrapara.

Itinerary 5th Barm Visit 25 jan 2015 – 10 febr 2015 Sigfried / Sigfried & Florus Saturday 24 january – 10 february 2015

  • 25 January: 5.30 PM arrival Sigfried at Dhaka International Airport.
  • 26 – 27 January: Kishoreganj.
  • 27 – 28 January: Pakundia.
  • 28 – 29 January: Nurundi, Shalanka.
  • 30 January: Return to Dhaka.
  • 31 January: Dhaka Uttara IUBAT ICARM 2015 Conference.
  • 31 January – 1 February: Dhaka, Sigfried, Florus visit Rotary Greater Dhaka, NAB visit director Wadud & staffs AliAkbar, Elias Miah.
  • 2 – 4 February: Nilphamari or: Rajarhat / Kurigram: Mir Ismael College Anamul, Tofael, Elias Kanchon: archives and RTI Good Governance training.
  • 4 – 6 February: Rangpur, Rajshahi KBAD in Jaldhaka / Nilphamary with Rabiul
  • 6 February: return Sigfried and Rabiul to Dhaka
  • 7 February: Dhaka, Opsonin Sharifuddin, Archives Training BarmSociety.
  • 8 – 10 February: Dhaka IUBAT Uttara, NAB, Danmondhi Mahtab / Shilpa “Zeal View”; Narsingdhi Local Archives Work, Elias Miah, Prothom Alo FAB archives training, Bondhushova febr. archives training.
  • 10 February: 6.30 PM Sigfried Janzing Departure to Netherlands.

Itinerary 21st Barm Visit 23 dec 2014 – 27 febr. 2015 Florus part 2

  • 10 – 12 February: Florus meets Samsur Rahman Tuhin; Shabuj Ifteqar & Rita, Shawon & Shampa.
  • 12 – 13 February: Shafiq Gazipur, Rasel Rana, Chowrasta, Suzan, Hakim.
  • 14 – 17 February: Habiganj, Arif Asad, Sobuj, Nazrul.
  • 18 – 20 February: Moulvi Bazar, Tea estate, Himel.
  • 21 – 23 February: Feni Parchuram, Shahin Abu Mokeram Khondaker.
  • 24 – 26 February: Khulna, dr Mujib, Mrs Muslima, Dr Gazi Mizanur Apu.
  • 27 February: Florus departure to Netherlands.