Preparing awareness programmes on Right to Information & archives management with local groups in Rajshahi, Bhola, Kishoreganj, 26 July 2017.
July 30, 2017, 10:07 pm
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Elias Kanchon visited the National Archives of Bangladesh (NAB) to talk to Deputy Director of NLB, Jamal Uddin and Ali Akbar and Elias Miah, NAB archivists. Elias discussed with Ali Akbar an Archives Awareness Program in Rajshahi in August or September. Ali Akbar, when invited by Elias Kanchon, told that he is interested to accompany as trainer the archives team (Elias Kanchon, Fazle Mir, Shahed, Hasan Mahmood) while going to the Rajshahi Archives Programme. Elias Miah also showed interest in such a programme.

In afternoon Lutful Haque received Elias Kanchon at Prothom Alo office for delivery of banner and posters to use for local Archives Programmes. Lutful supports, stimulates and inspires Elias Kanchon. Elias also met with Khair Millat, Matin and Meher Afroz in the Library and documentation department of Prothom Alo. Khair knows a lot about Right to Information, archives management and history and supports local archives programmes as Matin and Meher also do. They showed interest in joining these local archives programmes in Kishoreganj (with Himo Paribahan), Bhola or Rajshahi. In August or September such a local programme could be arranged was their conclusion.

Elias also discussed this with Shahed. Florus advises Elias to invite also (at least informing about these programmes) Motalib of Bangladesh Police Academy in Rajshahi, Shamim of Dr. Gazi Mizan Hospital in Khulna, Niher Roy in Kishoreganj, Halima Afroz of the NAB Reading Room, Tofael Ahmed and Yousuf Shikdher (both have got archives experience in Prof. Mahabub’s  Heritage Archives in Kazla Gate, Rajshahi).

In the evening Elias met Shahed to discuss about organizing the Bhola Archives programme in August. Also Elias and Shahed had contact with Umme Ema in Bhola.  Furthermore Elias and Shahed discussed about preparing of the Skype meeting in August, with Sharifuddin, Lutful Haque, Sigfried Janzing and Florus Geraedts for organizing this Bhola programme.

After meeting Shahed, Elias Kanchon visited Dr. Sharifuddin in his home in Uttara sector 7,  20.30 – 22.30 PM. Good discussion and Dr. Sharif told about a big company (like Squire) having communicated with Dr. Sharif about their wish and plan to start real Archives Management and to make a complete Archives Developing plan: needed manpower, materials, building, digital archives management and hard copy (paper documents) archives management. Dr. Sharif asked Ali Akbar of NAB to make such a plan for Archives Management Development. Elias Kanchon suggested to Dr. Sharif uddin to make such an Archives Management Development Plan with Fazle Mir and Ali Akbar and specially for DIGITAL Archives with Sarwar Morshed, who is an expert on Digital Archives. Florus suggested also to get in touch with Md Samsur Rahman Tuhin for this reason.

Lutful advises Elias Kanchon to take the 6 weeks Archives Course in Delhi at the National Archives of India School for Archival Studies (S.A.S.). Dr Sharif also suggested to Elias Kanchon to read Salma Islam’s book on Archives.