Archives and RTI training at Narandi, 20 July 2014
August 3, 2014, 4:37 pm
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A programme on Archives Management Training was held on 20 July in Narandi Union Parishad. Initiators were Elias Kanchon of Friends of Archives Bangladesh (FAB) and Bangladesh Archives & Right to Information Community (BARTIC) and Sumon of Union Information & Service Centre (UISC). Training was about:

  1. How to support the people using the Right to Information Act (RTI)
  2. How to develop & provide better (local) government services to the people
  3. How to give more value to laws and regulations in the country

A discussion about the development of archives and RTI Act, development of training programmes in ARM, digital archives, networkbuilding (FAB, BARMS, BARTIC etc.), historical awareness concluded the programme. In this discussion were present: MD Shahajahan, secretary at Village Court in Local Government and Rural Development (LGRD) Ministry, Sumon (UISC), Joy Ahamed (Student) and Ajaed Miha (Student).

Dutch BARM considers these activities as good examples for what several BarmS members, FAB members and BARTICK – members can do in several Union Parishads in Jamalpur, Dinajpur, Bogra, Khulna, Comilla, Rajarhat /Kurigram, etc.

Elias Kanchon on the left

Elias Kanchon on the left

Group (FAB, BARMS, BARTIC) discussion

Group (FAB, BARMS, BARTIC) discussion

Train the trainers program, facts & satisfaction
February 27, 2010, 10:09 am
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We have completed our Train the Trainers program with great satisfaction. All credit goes to the people who helped us with instructors and fund and off course with morale courage, we remain grateful.
I give you some basic facts below:
Students: 30
4 University Teachers
10 Staffs from National Archives including Director
7 Members from BARM Society
2 Members from Heritage Archives, Rajshahi
rest from other government and non government organizations
Instructors: 3 (one each from Netherlands, Norway and Malaysia)
Total Days: 3
Total hours: 22.30 hours
Total Periods: 20 classes

Training opened by Secretary Cultural Ministry
Certificate awarded by Secretary Establishment Ministry
Most of the students were very happy learning the subjects in depth.
We should continue to conduct this kind of TOT in future also.

Lt Col Muhammad Lutful Haq (retd)

Training on archives and record management at the Institute of Bangladesh Studies
November 17, 2009, 1:48 pm
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From 15 to 21 of November 2009 a training on archives and record management will be given at the Institute of Bangladesh Studies (IBS), Rajshahi University. Hosts are besides IBS the BARM Society and the Heritage Archives (Rajshahi). Aim is to train 30 record managers. The trainers are: Prof. Sharif Uddin Ahmed (BARM Society), Prof. Mahbubur Rahman (BARM Society), Dr. Sadek Reza Choudhury (Heritage Archives, Rajshahi),  Muhammad Lutful Haq, (BARM Society), Salma Islam (National Archives of Bangladesh), Ali Akbar (National Archives of Bangladesh) and Mir Fazle Ahmed Chowdhury (BARM Society).



9.00–10.00 am: Opening Ceremony– Course Director

10.00–10.30 am: Tea

10.30-11.15 am: Introduction to Archives and Record management – Prof Mahbubur Rahman

11.15-12.00 am: Need of Archives – Prof Sharif Uddin Ahmed

12.00-12.30 pm: Tea

12.30-1.15 pm: What is Record Management – Muhammad Lutful Haq

1.15-2.00 pm: Acquiring and Organising Archives – Ali Akbar


9.00-10.30 am:Dialogue with Policy Makers (including Mayor and Members of Parliament) – Muhammad Lutful Haq

10.30-1100 am: Tea

11.00-1200 am: Dialogue with Senior Executives (Divisional Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, CEO, Zila Parishod and Senior Officials etc) – Muhammad Lutful Haq

12.00-12.30 pm: Tea

12.30-14.00 pm: Dialogue with Professionals (Archivists, Trainers and Managers) – Prof Mahbubur Rahman


9.00-9.45 am: Preserving Archives – Mir Fazle Ahmed Chowdhury

9.45-10.30 am: Accessing Archives – Salma Islam 

10.30-11.00 am: Tea

11.00-12.00 am: Introduction to NAB and Bangladesh Archives Ordnance 1983 – Ali Akbar

12.00-12.30 pm: Tea

12.30-14.00 pm: RTI Act 2009 – Muhammad Lutful Haq


9.00-10.30 am: Visit to Heritage Archives – Prof Mahbubur Rahman

10.30-12.00 am: Visit to District Record Room – Prof Mahbubur Rahman

12.00-13.00 pm: Visit to Zila Parishod Record Room– Mir Fazle Ahmed Chowdhury

13.00-14.00 pm: Rajshahi City Corporation Record Room – Mir Fazle Ahmed Chowdhury


9.00-9.45 am: Introduction to BARM Society – Prof Mahbubur Rahman

9.45-10.30: Dr. Sadek Reza Choudhury

10.30-11.00 am: Tea

11.00-11.45 am: Digitization of Record – Muhammad Lutful Haq

11.45-12.00 am: Feed back and Evaluation – Course Director

12.00-12.30 pm: Tea

12.30-14.00: Certificate giving and Closing Ceremony – Course Director   

BARM Society 2009
February 1, 2009, 7:04 pm
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BARM Society 2009

Florus Geraedts of BARM will visit Bangladesh from February 6 – march 29 2009. One of the highlights will be the foundation of BARM Society. The BARM Society is initiated on july 26 2008 in Kuala Lumpur during the ICA congress by Sharif Uddin Ahmed, Lutful Haq, Mahbubur Rahman, Elias Miah, Fazle Mir and Florus Geraedts. This BARM Society’s Steering Committee will have the meeting to launch the BARM Society on 24 February 2009 in Dhaka.

In the meantime the Dutch Archivists Professional Association, Koninklijke Vereniging van Archivarissen in Nederland decided to start a twinning project with the BARM Society and their Norwegian Colleagues in the Norsk Arkivråd.

This webblog is a tool of communication for all BARM-ers, both in Netherlands and particularly in Bangladesh and in near future as soon as possible Norway, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Japan, Philipines.