A call for young members for BARMS to boost awareness for a sound information system for governance in Bangladesh
June 16, 2011, 9:13 pm
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Bangladesh Archives and Records Management Society (BARMS), National Archives of Bangladesh (NAB) and Heritage Archives (Rajshahi) don´t stop their efforts by their own and together for spreading awareness on Archives and Records Management in the context of the Right to Information Act (RTI, 2009). Their goal, the improvement of the system of Archives and Records Management as backbone of the Information System in Bangladesh, got and will get a further boost taking into account these past and coming events:
1. Campaign for RTI (promotion of RTI Movement) and Rajshahi Sports Archives at Rajshahi Festival in Dhaka, June 21-25, 2011. Organised by Lt. Col Lutful Haq. In the RTI-stall sportsmen can get forms to record their data; books, posters, leaflets and brochures about the Right to Information will be available for the public. A board with the history of Boro Kuthi (Dutch Silk Factory, Rajshahi) will appeal to everyone to come forward for its restoration, volunteers will wear T-Shirt marked with Boro Kuthi;
2. With the financial support of the Government of Bangladesh, National Archives of Bangladesh conducted a training-programme on Archives and Records Management (ARM) for the personnel of various records creating agencies in the country. The last two months the staff members of NAB and BARMS conducted ARM courses for record keeping and records responsible staffs of District Collectorate Offices, Divisional Commissioners Offices, District Council Offices, Police Superintendent Offices, City Corporations, Public Works Departments, Local Government Engineering Departments, District Judges Offices and Roads & Highway Departments in 7 divisions: Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Khulna, Barisal, Rangpur and Sylhet. Some 250 staffs were trained in ARM (see also blog report of May 11, 2011);
3. Professor Mahabub Rahman of Heritage Archives Rajshahi (HABHT) is collecting successfully oral sources on the Liberation Movement (1971) and is working on the new HABHT Magazine;
4. Other activities in progress are the 5-days Train of Trainers course (location: in NAB or Opsonin Pharma), September, by mr. Farid Ahmed and 2 of his teachers of the Delhi based National Archives of India School of Archival Studies (NAI / SAS) with possible support and participation of mr. Savumthararaj Gopal of the National Archives of Malaysia;
“Things are moving in a positive direction”, says Lt. Col Md. Lutful Haq (retd), board member of BARMS, but in his opinion still at too slow a pace. Lt. Col. Lutful Haq, now responsible for the RTI-Movement, wants young members, participants, for BARMS to help spread awareness for good governance, i.e. a sound information system for democratic control of government by the people of Bangladesh. So this report is too a call for students to connect with BARMS and help spreading awareness for still better information management in their country.

Lt. Col. Lutful Haq in front of Van Gogh Museum during his visit to The Netherlands, August 2010.

Information Literacy at Saver Girl´s High School, Dhaka, May 30-31
June 10, 2011, 11:03 pm
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A new series of pictures which I received from Muhammad Mezbah-ul-Islam, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Department of Information Science & Library Management (ISLM), University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, about the Information Literacy programme organized by the Centre for Information Studies (CIS,B) & United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) -Dhaka. These pictures were taken during the Information Literacy Training Programme at Saver Girl’s High School, Dhaka, on 30-31 of May, 2011. IL programme is an important element in the government´s vision “Digital Bangladesh by 2021”, corner stone of the Charter for Change. The Digital Bangladesh vision is unique as it proposes to mainstream ICT as a pro-poor tool.

Opening session ...

... and introduction


Workshop of Prof. Mezbah-ul-Islam


Final presentations by students


Closing ceremony