The Right To Know … forever. Remembering the Rana Plaza disaster, 24 April 2013, killing at least 1134 garment factory workers.
April 23, 2017, 8:03 pm
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“Rana Plaza is a symbol of the inhumanity that belies the promise of progress and the untold possibilities of the garments industry. It brought to the fore the everyday outcries of workers, the reality of their status — or lack thereof — as citizens, and the apathy of the owning class, state apparatuses and international buyers. The collapse was also a wakeup call. But were we really ready to respond to this call? It appears instead that efforts are well underway to erase Rana Plaza killing from our minds and memories.” From:

It appears instead that efforts are well underway to erase Rana Plaza killing from our minds and memories ….

That we will never allow, for this reason our effort to give attention to the disaster 4 years back … today 24 April 2017. Starting with some links to essential information from the Daily Star archive, news clippings:

From these tags this one about the shameful attitude of the west, who stick on procedures and by doing so losing humanity:

Some tags and related stories rom The Guardian:

Florus Geraedts contribution on facebook:

“RANA PLAZA COLLAPSE 2013 — 24 april — 2017. 24 april 2017, we may remember sadly the Rana Plaza Bhaban Collapse 24 april 2013, causing death of almost 1200 garment workers and other women, men, girls and boys. As well as so many wounded and handicapped victims. Suggestion is to to make an exhibition of pictures and paper clippings about Rana Plaza drama, background and meaning for Bangladesh and abroad yesterday and today. National Archives and Library, Facebook pages of BarmS, Friends of Archives, Archives for Life and Bdesh Archives & Right To Information Community Kishoreganj and also BARM BLOG can make exhibitions / presentations for honouring the victims, encouraging their family members. And encouraging every one in and outside Bangladesh to give efforts to prevent these accidents, caused by irresponsible employers and authorities. And to give support to those victims of Rana Plaza Collapse who are still waiting for compensation for their damage and loss.”

Elias Kanchon, garment engineer, makes us aware of a programme Bangladesh Garments Labour Songhoty in Dhaka University “RC Majumder Auditorium” these days. And he refers to for Fair Wear Foundations country plan for Bangladesh. He will write a report about the programme.

A further archive, like news clippings, you find with keyword #RanaPlaza on Twitter. There’s a commemoration going on …

The untold stories, “Life nor Germ”. “The idea of this film came when I was confronted with many of the untold stories connected with the Rana Plaza tragedy. The whole world watched in horror as the concrete building known as “Rana Plaza” cracked, buckled and ultimately collapsed on top of the garment workers inside. Though as time passed the horror of the incident faded in the world’s consciousness . Meanwhile for us “Rana Plaza” wasn’t just a concrete building. We didn’t only watch the incident, we felt the tragedy.”  Shakor Ahmed & Valery Knill about “Life nor Germ”

The reality of their status — or lack thereof as workers, as citizens …




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