Call for suggestions for the one day conference @Prothom Alo, February 2017
December 19, 2016, 11:30 pm
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This conference day (4 or 5 February) in Prothom Alo is meant – as Lutful suggested – for several archivally or as record keepers involved persons to express their archival experiences, their possibilities and problems and thus exchange their views and knowledge. It will be a real study day indeed.

Think of following issues:

  1. Making files and mentioning description on file cover and in list. Inventory. Give each of the files a number.
  2. Who did send the letter? To whom was de letter sent? Subject of the letter or memorandum or note.
  3. Storing in covers and in boxes. Publishing file descriptions in your organisations Website.
  4. DIGITAL documents archiving: always give your document a title or name; must contain date, subject, author’s name. Always store your documents newly made or changed in new version both on your computer, laptop or smartphone AND in cloud, like Dropbox, Google Drive. Publishing file descriptions in your organisations Website.

Think of the following problems:

  1. Our colleagues outside my archives dept. are often not returning files and documents they borrowed from our archives.
  2. Our principals are not encouraging us as archivists.
  3. Our principals and bosses do not want to take care for good, safe, dry and well protected place / room for storing archives.
  4. How to make good regulations for use of archives?
  5. Our colleagues and our clients do not respect and value the necessity of archives, files, volumes.
  6. How to motivate the colleagues to discover the VALUE of archives for working of the WHOLE organisation (school, hospital, local Govt)?

To organizers Lutful, Mir, Sharif, Elias, Sigfried, add to the subjects above mentioned and give more of these practical archives management rules. Also, let us send these  suggestions for our course day on 4 february 2017 to Lutful Haque, Minnat of ZIA Heart Hospital Dinajpur, Niher Roy of Kishoreganj Paurashava, Elias Kanchon, Prof. Mahabub of HABH, Shamim of Gazi Mizan Hospital Khulna, Motalib of Sardah Bdesh Police Academy, Nazimuddin of ICDDR,B.  Ask them: Do you have more items of archives managing work to be discussed in our study day 4 february 2017?

How, for a outside Dhaka working archivist or record keeper (think of Motalib in BPA Sardah, or Shamim in Khulna Gazi Mizan Hospital)  to get help from for example National Archives in Agargaon, or advise from ISLM dept. Dhaka University, or ISLM dept. Rajshahi University?  How to introduce SELF STUDY on Archives Management by using BLOG ?


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