Meeting Md. Lutful Haq, FAB/BARMS – David Fricker, ICA president at the Seoul ICA Congress, September 2016
October 3, 2016, 8:49 pm
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From 5 – 9 September Md. Lutful Haq, initiator of Friends of Archives Bangladesh (FAB) community and member of Bangladesh Archives & Records Management Society (BARMS) visited the ICA Congress in Seoul. On this occasion he met twice with David Fricker, ICA president, to discuss Bangladesh archival development. In June this year René Spork and Sigfried Janzing, board members of Dutch BARM, had already met David at the KVAN Congress in Haarlem and suggested a follow up meeting with Bangladesh representatives at Seoul.

On 8 September in the morning Lutful met David for the first time where he explained the actual Archives & Records Management situation in Bangladesh and informed David about the initiatives and activities by public & private organizations on this issue. Lutful also showed existing archives literature in Bangladesh from National Archives Bangladesh (NAB), FAB, BARMS, Heritage Archives Bangladesh History Rajshahi (HABHT) & Committee on Right to Information (CRTI). David was impressed when seeing the literature in Bangla,  especially the translation of the ICA pamflet (60 questions …) and the UDA poster. He acknowledged those works as a very professional job!

Lutful discussed with David the possibilities of ICA assistance to establish an Archives & Records Management Institution in Bangladesh alongside the rolling out of further ARM projects. A paper with these plans was handed out to David. Regarding establishment of a training institution and ARM activities, David suggested that ICA can play a supporting role if initiatives are taken by Bangladesh institutions and government, professionals or established ARM communities and networks.

Further recommendations of David to Lutful were:

  1. For Lutful to join SWARBICA (South West Asia Region Branch of ICA) to strengthen the regional network
  2. To talk with Dr. Fred van Kan regarding financial assistance for establishment of ARM Institution and to support the rolling out of ARM projetcs
  3. To talk with Claude Robert from Canada regarding the publication of ARM literature.

Lutful met all concerned persons of SWARBICA at the conference except the chairperson.  Claude Robert agreed to send useful ARM publications for translation into Bangla. Finally Fred van Kan suggested Lutful to apply for a small allocation of funding to FIDA, until further initiatives will be taken by the government of Bangladesh. Davis asked Lutful to keep in touch with him about the further development and establishment of the network of archivist at home.

Back home Lutful met with the new Director General of NAB and informed him about the outcome of Congress and discussions with David Fricker. He requested DG to establish a nationwide network on ARM and hold a seminar with all stakeholders on ARM. DG took it positively and instructed his staffs to organize this seminar in October. Lutful also informed Sharif uddin Ahmed, President of BARMS, on 20th, and asked him to hold a meeting for sharing his experiences of the Congress in Seoul and to decide on further steps for the development on ARM. Finally Lutful met Professor Mahbubar rahman of Rajshahi University to discuss with him the outcomes of the Seoul Congress and made plans to meet the Minister on cultural Affairs to discuss with him ARM in Bangladesh and to seek his support for establishment of the ARM Institution.



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