Meeting on archives, use of information, good governace, 29 April, Kishoreganj; org. by Elias Kanchon
May 7, 2016, 4:58 pm
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Reports of the meeting on ARM at Kishoregonj on 29 April 2016 by Elias Kanchon.

More the 30 participants were present at this meeting. Among them local authorities like District Commissioner & Superintendant of Police.

First specific local activities of Kishoreganj municipality / paurashava were discussed. After this introduction Elias Kanchon gave his lecture on Archives and Records Management. Present at the meeting was also Bipul Mahade who is working on Jalal Ahmed’s archival programme supporting District Collectorate Record Rooms (64 districts). Bipul knows of BARMS activities from Shatabdir Konto. Bipul also gave information about Florus’ & Sigfried’s visits and all other news about use of Archives. Members of Shatabdir Khonto who were present: Pranesh Kumar Chowdhury, Kashem, Khaled Pathan and Sadi. Also present were: municipality record keepers Niher Roy & Sudipta Majumder who also invited all people interested in archives to visit the record keeping department of Kishoreganj municipality / paurashava.

Lecture was about:

  1. What are archives?
  2. Why are archives important and why we should know about them?
  3. How to use archives to solve local, district and national problems in Bangladesh?
  4. How to use archives and practice records Management, how much facilities? Example: An attentive student always mentions while practising Archives management special data like time/date / issue; he’s doing this in office and  during other activities of daily life.
  5. How to find archives and how to do research with archives?

After the lectures opportunity was there for putting questions and discussion.

Proposals / suggestions and dicissions fort he coming period:

  1. Preparation of the celebration of IADB.
  2. Celebration of International Archives Day Bangladesh (IADB) on the 9th of June.
  3. A round table meeting on ARM will be organized in District Commissioners office on International Archives Day. Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB), NGO’s, staffs of Municipality, Hospital, Schools, Bank (Agrani Bank, Sonali Bank, BRAC Bank) will be invited fort he meeting.
  4. To organize a campaign “Against Smoking” at BIAM Laboratory High School on 16 May with some lecture & debate with students group.

Importance of the meeting was also creating / developping network which is helpful to organize local activities and visits to schools, local government, hospital and health care centres to raise awareness on the importance on good governance, record keeping and use of information. When programmes on ARM will be organized in Dhaka and elsewhere, network can support Elias Kanchon and will participate in any program about use of information in daily life and work.



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