Visit of Florus Geraedts & Elias Kanchon on behalf of FAB / BARMS to Rajshahi: Bangladesh Police Academy (BPA) and Boro Kuthi with delegates of RCC
January 2, 2016, 5:43 pm
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In Rajshahi, 31 december 2015, Elias Kanchon and I discussed with Lezar, the new Principal of Bdesh Police Academy in Sardah and 22 staff members (mainly SP’s) about the progress of the Archives building program in this old institution, 1912 established, and residing in a building which once 200 years ago was used by tradesmen, connected with the former Dutch East India Company VOC. Archives are actually the nerve system, the nerves network – not in human body, but in an organisation: almost unvisibly archives are containing connections, data exchange as well, between all members of the organisation’s community: in this case Principal, teachers, staff officers, students and the Highest Police authorities in Dhaka. This understanding must become part of the general mentality of BPA’s members and community. Archives furthermore are a basic tool for functioning of Police departments all over the country. Archives Management should also become part of the BPA educational programme. A BPA archives repository (archives room with racks for storing archives and a reading room facility for users of the files and documents) has been established, the storage of archives from all different departments of the BPA has been initiated. Now the describing and indexing of these archives, as well as packing properly in boxes has to be undertaken. Therefor, a archivist must be appointed, and trained initially by Lezar’s Desktop IT. This training program, developed by Lezar and Sumon, will also provide in creating skills on Digital Archives Managing.The Principal of BPA, DIG mr Amullah Bhushan Barua promised to take adequate measures in this respect. 3 January 2016 Further training will be provided by Florus for the clerical (civilian) staffs of the BPA.


1 january 2016 Elias Kanchon and Florus were invited by Khaza Khaled Lezar to participate in the presentation ceremony in Rajshahi of a new 24 hours digital News website: Attention was given to the crucial meaning of information spreading and using in order to establish and to maintain democracy. In this respect archives of government, judicial organisations, police authorities, educational institutions and hospitals, as well as NGO’s on social development are vital. Good Governance without archives is absolutely impossible. RTI Act 2009 (Right To Information Act) provided with proper Archives Management on all levels, will facilitate really everybody’s Right To Know.


Elias Kanchon and Florus will furthermore give attention to the preservation of Boro Kuthi, near River Poddha, national Heritage of Bangladesh in colonal and post independance time (basis of Rajshahi University since 1952).





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