Draft proceedings of the meeting of the Executive Committee held on 24th October 2015
November 1, 2015, 12:15 am
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A meeting of the Executive Committee of   BARMS was held on 24th October 2015 at 11am, at Room No. 14 of Lecture Theatre, University of Dhaka. It was presided over by the President of the Society, Professor Sharif uddin Ahmed.

At the outset of the meeting President Dr Sharif welcomed the members and thanked them for their presence on a holiday. He then requested the General Secretary Mr. Jalal Ahmed to begin the proceedings of the meeting according to agenda. Mr Ahmed thanked the President and began the proceedings with the confirmation of the last meeting which was the Annual General Meeting held on 23 May 2015. The members present remarked that the proceedings were correctly recorded and therefore confirmed.

A matter arising from the last meeting’s proceedings regarding the allocation of budgetary fund for the maintenance and development of District Records Rooms, General Secretary Mr. Jalal Ahmed reported that the Deputy Commissioners have already drawn the funds and using it for the specific works. Upon further enquiry Mr. Ahmed conceded that the allocation of the fund should be made a regular feature in the national budget. He therefore communicated with his officers and arranged the opening of a new code in the National Budget upon this head so that it could become a regular feature of the national budget. Members present congratulated and thanked Mr. Jalal for his efforts and contributions.

The second agenda was the launching of the website of the Society. President Dr. Sharif presented the rough version of the website which he has prepared. Though the members present liked the design but commented that many other features have to be added like the links. After much discussion it was agreed that the provisional website should be uploaded seeking opinions of members and others. It was agreed that the present provisional website should be sent to Mr. Atif Ahmed Akkar for development and additions before hosting it. The final version will be formally launched on 29 November 2015 on the Seminar Day.

The third agenda was the holding of the seminar and publication of a souvenir. It was proposed that the title of the Seminar of the 29th November 2015 will be Archives of Bangladesh – Present and Future With Special Reference to Local Archives. It was proposed that only three papers will be presented because of shortage of time though many papers will be published in the souvenir. The paper presenters will be Dr. Sharif uddin Ahmed, Dr. Mahbubar Rahman and Dr. Shamsul Hossain.

It was also discussed that a souvenir will be published to accompany the Seminar and raise some funds for BARMS. It will have some special contents like Messages from the Chief Guest, Special Guests and President and General Secretary of BARMS. The papers will be contributed by Professor Sharif, Professor Mahbubar Rahman, Dr. Shamsul Hossain, Mr. Ali Akbar, Mr. Elias Mia, Mr. Delwar Hassan and Ms. Tahmina Begum. Professor Mesbah-ul-Islam and Mr. Ali Akbar will be the editors of the Souvenir. The cover of the souvenir will be designed by Mr. Akkar. The souvenir will be minimal of 32 pages in view of large numbers of advertisements that are expected to be raised. 300 copies of souvenir will be printed. Responsibility of printing the souvenir was given to Mr. Delwar Hassan and Mr. Ali Akbar. It was agreed that the paper presenters who would come from outside Dhaka will be given travelling allowances.

A flyer will also be published and Professor Sharif presented a draft of the flyer which was also accepted but it was observed that the list of the Executive Committee should be included in it. It was agreed.

A Budget of the seminar including hall rent, website, souvenir and flyer was presented amounting Taka I lakh. Mr. Jalal observed that donations and advertisements must be sought and all members should do their best to collect ads and donations. Documents of advertisements and price chart were presented which were approved.

Discussion took place over the upcoming Archives Law. President Dr Sharif who is a member of the Archives Law Framing subcommittee gave a detailed history of the efforts of making an Archival Law of Bangladesh for the last few decades. He observed that after so many changes and moving in all kinds of directions the final position is that the Government is proposing to make a combined law of National Archives and National Library. He explained that though it is called a unified act but as the nature of national archives and national library is different in fact two separate sections have been made elaborating each one’s functions, power etc. He submitted a copy of the draft law of archives to the committee for their perusal. He also observed that some people have feared that the new act would weaken the advancement of archival development in the country. He remarked that this is far from the truth. The National Archives of Bangladesh has also uploaded the draft law in their website for public response. The members present looked into the draft law and expressed their satisfaction. Mr Jalal Ahmed also expressed his satisfaction over the draft act but observed that further discussion may be held on the subject at the ensuing seminar.

Under any other business President Dr. Sharif remarked that the mofussil office bearers of BARMS should be energised to carry out various functions and make positive contributions to the development of local archives.

After detailed discussions following resolutions were adopted –

  1. Minutes of the last meeting was confirmed. Mr Jalal was congratulated for making positive contributions to funding the Record Rooms of the district level for their satisfactory maintenance.
  2. The BARMS website will be provisionally hosted within a week and formally launched on 29 November 2015. Necessary improvements in design, materials, links etc. would be done. It will be further redesigned after response from the public. The designing of the website would be done by Mr. Atif Ahmed Akkar who will also present it on 29 November at the Seminar.
  3. A seminar on Archives of Bangladesh Present and Future- With Special Reference to Local Archives would be held on 29 November 2015 at the Bangladesh National Museum. Honourable Secretary, Ministry of Cultural Affairs Ms. Akhtari Mamtaj will be invited to be the Chief Guest . The Director General of BNM and Director of NAB will be invited as Special Guests. Dr Sharif, Dr Mahbub and Dr. Shamsul Hossain will present papers. A budget of Taka 1 lakh for the entire event and all inclusive was approved.
  4. The invitation Card of the Seminar is approved.
  5. The Draft Archives Law will be hosted in the website for public response.

There being no other business to transact the meeting ended with a vote of thanks from and to the Chair.

Professor Sharif uddin Ahmed

President BARMS


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