Startup of ARM Network, venue Prothom Alo, 10 February 2015, Dhaka
February 20, 2015, 10:51 pm
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A discussion meeting of Bangladesh Archive and Record Management Society held on 9th February, 2015 (6pm to 8pm) at Prothom Alo office (Level -4), Archive & Library section.

The following persons attended in the meeting.

Sl. No. Name Organization
01. Mr. Muhammad Lutful Haq Prothom Alo
02. Mr. Elias Kanchon Friends of Archives
03. Mr. Florus Geraedts Netherlands Archives
04. Mr. Sigfried Janzing Netherlands Archives
05 Mr. Abu Mokeram Khondaker ATIS Limited
06. Ms. Rokhsana Akhter ATIS Limited
07. Mr. Md. Zafor Iqbal USAID
08. Mr. Md. Shahedul Alam Chowdhury IUBAT

Agenda for Discussion:

  1. Make a Central Coordinating Committee for Bangladesh Archive and Record Management Society (CCC-BARMS).
  2. Develop a work plan for next 9 months of the year 2015.
  3. Confirm the strategy of CCC-BARMS.


The meeting presided by Mr. Muhammad Lutful Haq. The following discussions happened at the meeting.

Agenda -1: Mr. Florus, Mr. Lutful Haq started discussion that last 20 years we are working a lot to build up awareness, now we think its high time to do something action oriented and effective. Mr. Sigfried added that we should do something which has chronology and final goal. As such we need a central committee. Mr. Md. Lutful Haq proposed that at present we can start by only one man Mr. Abu Mokeram Khondaker as a coordinator. After three months (depends on our activity and involvement) we will make a committee. Members are agreed with Mr. Lutful Haq’s proposal.

Agenda -2: Mr. Florus showed a sample of Action Plan for next 9 months. Mr. Mokeram also has presented a presentation as a sample of our work plan for next 9 months. Members have requested to circulate it to the members by 10th February 2015 and also requested to share ideas by 25th February 2015 and 26th February 2015 will finalize the work plan for next 9 months. Mr. Md. Zafor Iqbal has shown his individual interest to arrange seminar in the National Press Club. Members have requested him to select time and share it by mail in the work plan. Mr. Lutful Haq also has shown interest to organize a training program, a national level conference and publications. The members also requested him to make an individual plan and share it by mail. Moreover Mr. Shahedul Alam has shown interest to work on Medical Archive, requested him as well.

Agenda- 3: Regarding the development of the strategy of CCC-BARMS, the next meeting or following meetings will develop the strategy and will also try to put in the work plan.

Agenda -4: The next meeting will be held on 26th February 2015 (6pm) at Prothom Alo office, Level -4 (Archive & Record Management Section), Kawron Bazar, Dhaka.


  1. Abu Mokeram Khondaker will be coordinator for next 3 months to develop a committee and work plan and also will start initial programs.
  2. Members will develop a work plan by 25th February 2015 and confirm it on 26th February 2015.
  3. Next Meeting will be held on 26th February 2015 at 6pm at Prothon Alo office, Kawran Bazar, Dhaka.


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