“Digital Bangladesh 2021”, some facts by Md. Shahan Bhuiyan, ICT expert
April 22, 2012, 10:40 pm
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Vision 2021: a Digital Bangladesh

The Awami League successfully used this slogan to win a major victory in the 2008 election. See for more information on this vision our blog link Digital Bangladesh.

These are some of the government achievements after taking office:

  1. Ordering government and semi-government institutions to deliver information in digital form through websites, especially schools and colleges created more websites;
  2. Introduction of e-service centers in districts;
  3. Introduction of electronic birth registration systems in all Union Parishads;
  4. Governments company Teletalk declared that 3G internet connection will be launched in April 2012;
  5. Provision of better Internet connections;
  6.  Development of ICT Markets and encouraging export of software;
  7. Introduction and implementation of electronics voting systems;
  8. Try to connect Bangladesh citizens;
  9. Creating digital awareness among the people (10 years ago people still didn’t know what is internet but nowadays more than 7 Million people have email accounts and know how to use facebook).

But … the impediments at the same time are huge: corruption, poverty of the people, instable electricity supply, bad communication channels, illiteracy, lack of training facilities, weak financial capacity, weak management system, no ICT road map, need of skilled manpower for software industry, problems with cyber security and the contradiction Digital Bangladesh Vision 2021 – analogue politician.

All of these issues will be elaborated in seperate posts in the next months.



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