Mohammed Elias Miah on archival development
August 23, 2009, 8:31 pm
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“How to give archival development a boost in my homeland when coming back to Bangladesh after a year of study in the School for Archival Studies (SAS) in the National Archives of India in Delhi?” October 2008, with the support of BARM and Rotaryclub Rotterdam (Holland), Mohammed Elias Miah, since 1995 working for the National Archives of Bangladesh (NAB), started with a one year Archival Diploma Course in India. During his studies in India he formulated actions to be taken when back in Bangladesh. Actions to raise awareness of the importance of archival information for the development of Bangladesh. One of those actions is the setting up of subject oriented or theme based exhibitions in 64 districts showing the two main aspects of archival information management: archives as databank for effectuating the Right to Information and the Right to Evidence for citizens and archives as databank for historical knowledge and sound historically based political debate. Another one is to organize a monthly talk, seminar or conference and invite delegates from universities, Colleges, government offices, Banking and Insurance, Non Governmental Organisations (NGO) and ICT. And an informative website on archival development in conjunction with national, regional and local historical associations, Human Rights NGO’s, the CRTI NGO, Transparency International Bangladesh national and regional offices, the TIB Citizens Committees and the Bangladesh Legal Aid and Services Trust organisations. Mohammed Elias especially asks for BARM to help to conduct a number of short-term certificate courses at the professional and sub-professional level, an orientation course for the benefit of Departmental Records Officers in government and public sector, in-service programmes for the officials and finally a trainers training programme.

Mohammed Elias Miah

Mohammed Elias Miah


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