Report BARM Society, Meeting march 7 2009, Rajshahi
March 15, 2009, 8:44 am
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A special meeting of the members participating the International Seminar on Archival Development in Bangladesh at Rajshahi was held on 7 March 2009 at the Heritage Archives Bhaban at Kajla with Professor Dr. Sharif uddin Ahmed, President of BARM Society in the chair. Eight members were present: dr. Nurul Hossein Chowdhury, dr Shafi, dr. Mahbubur Rahman, Lutful Haq, Mir Fazle, Florus, Salma Islam, Ali Akbar. Dr Mahbubur Rahman announces that Dr Nurul Hossein and Dr Shafi will be member of the Advisory Council of the Heritage Archives. The meeting discussed on the International Seminar and also planned activities for the next three months.

After discussion the following resolutions were adopted –
1.The day long International Seminar on Archival Developments in Bangladesh held on 6 March 2009 was deemed as a great success.

2. It is of highest importance that we use our present network of people, in earlier stage involved in BARM and invite those for BARM activities and BARM invitations. Florus has a list of persons, in this or that way connected with BARM in the years 1995-2009. The list will be inserted in the members / sympathizers administration of BARM. There are lists of persons of the meetings of 5 august 2008, 4 september 2008, 3 oktober 2008, .. november as well as in january and february. Together with persons, invited / registered as participants in the launching meeting 24 febr. and the Rajshahi Seminar. All these sources for further network building will be given to the secretary general. BARM Society absolutely needs to be based in broadly composed groups of historians, bureaucrats, information managers, information and IT professionals etc. For this reason lecture tours in universities and colleges on BARM, connnected with Information Management, Right To Information Act, Good Governance and professional Historiography should be given. As Florus now in this visit is focussing at. Sectors like Information and librarian Sciences, their organisations like BALID, yet also Bdesh Itihas Samiti though they seem not all the time that much involved and interested in BARM are however important allies and should be convinced to cooperate.
On financing: members contribution, fundraising for projects, training of record keeping staff for a group of record managers / -helpers for BARM Society. Extern financing is possible on the basis of budgets for PRACTICAL activities with clear results to be achieved. In these budgets, mayor part of the costs must be covered by Bangladeshi financing.

3. The meeting resolved that letter of thanks be sent to those dignitaries who participated and those who helped organizing the Seminar and also provided financial assistance.



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