BARM – Bangladesh Archives and Records Management
September 1, 2008, 6:47 pm
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BARM: Archives and records management in Bangladesh: tools for reaching effective governance, citizenship and reliable Historiography.  

ICA congress, BARM and after Kuala Lumpur  17 july 2008-07-20

19 juli 2008-07-19


BARM – Bangladesh Archives & Records Management; program for democratic governance  under Rule of Law and  historical awareness in Bangladesh.



The BARM center in Bangladesh and in Netherlands. The BARM program started in 1995 as an informal cooperation between Bangladshi and Dutch archivists and archival researchers in order to contribute to further improvement of the 1973 established National Archives in Bangladesh. as result of discussion between History professors of Dhaka University, Rajshahi University, the directorate of the National Archives of Bangladesh and an archivist from the Netherlands     The BARM Center in Bangladesh The seminar of 16 January 2007 in the White House of National Archives of Bangladesh (NAB), under chairmanship of prof. Mohsin and under directorship of prof. Sharifuddin of the NAB decided to start the Working Group on establishing the Institute for Archives Management (BARM Center) in the National Archives of Bangladesh. The NAB is operating as part of the directorate of Libraries and Archives under the Minsitry of Culture. Basic regulation for the NAB is the National Archives Ordinance 1983 (NAO 1983). On the BARM program, the NAB is cooperating with BIDS, ICDDR,B, History deptts and ISLM deptts of state- and nongovernment universities, as well as museum institutes, private Archives, like the Heritage Archives under director prof Mahbubur Rahman in Rajshahi. There is also cooperation on different levels with the National Archives of India in Delhi, the National Archives of Malaysia, the History deptt of Visva Bharati in Santiniketan (prof. Jeyaseela Stephen), the CSSS in Calcutta (Abhijit Battacharya) and the Rabindra Bhabane, Section Tagore-archives (Utpol, Tushar and Nilanjan Banerjee).     The BARM Center in Netherlands The BARM program enjoys much support from the BARM group of the ASHA – SFH (ASHA – Association of South Holland Archivists; SFH – (Solidarity Foundation Heemstede). This BARMgroup is vested in Erfgoedhuis Zuid-Holland (Heritage House South-Holland) in the municipality of Delft. BARM group ASHA,  PO box  3092,  2601  DB  Delft, Netherlands,   email:   The Barm Center according to the Seminar of 16 january 2007 is meant to be coordination center of activities on improving professional Archives Management (Knowledge Section, coordinating the collecting and updating of all relevant information on Records and Archives in Bangladesh and Education Section, coordinating the development of training courses for Record keepers, Record Managers and Archivists). This BARM Center will work on: Inspection of NON transferred Records and set standards for transferring records (after appraisal and disposal)   from record creating offices and branches to the National Archives, advise Municipalities on improving their Record Rooms, for example Narayanganj, Dinajpur, Bogra and Rajshahi. Advising the Permanent Records Committee as described in the GOB Circular 21 november 2006. Coordinating of relevant activities from several partners: like BIDS, BALID,  LISU section of ICDDR,B,  Rajshahi University Deptt on Information Management, North South University, ILIS deptt, Dhaka University, ISLM department (Dr Mezbah-ul-Islam, Mrs Rowshan, dr Zabed, dr Mostak Gausal), Dhaka University Section for University Archives, Nilkhet Highschool, Roads and Highways deptt (section Reformation of the Transport section: implementation of a digital Record Management Application, mr Sarwar Morshed), BLAST.     As follow up after the ICA congress in Kuala Lumpur, there will be organised a seminar on 5 August, in Dhaka. During the coming two weeks after returning from ICA congress in Kuala Lumpur, another seminar will be organised in Rajshahi, around the Heritage Archives.   


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